Every Being is perfect

It contains everything necessary to be in balance and harmony. Sometimes, it needs to be accompanied in order to restore the inner order and create new forms to fully express their potential.

To know you better, as an individual, or as a group. To know your potential, alone or together and understand how to best use it. Astrology, coaching and the sacred skull are three different practices that can be used individually or together to achieve their goals or those of the group.

To better understand how to accompany your team, your children, yourself towards a harmonious and respectful growth and development of individuality and group. I will be happy to be part of this journey.

Thanks to a European University training as a translator-interpreter and cultural linguistic mediation of projects I (unconsciously) predestined to understand and understand the other, to facilitate individuals to better interact and enrich their relationship and the environment in which they evolve .

As always, life has given me the opportunity to develop these skills in unexpected and rich teaching situations.

I first worked in the theater, then as a humanitarian worker where, for 10 years I have dealt with the management of human resources and projects.

In the meantime, I have never stopped updating myself and deepening my interests. I followed and obtained a university master’s degree (university de Liege-Belgium) in group dynamics.

I graduated in Dynamic Craniosacral Therapy at the O-KI Center in Brussels and in Humanistic Archetypal Astrology at the School of Astrology of Laurent Calembert (Brussels).

I also put my skills into practice and learned Biomedical decryption by becoming assistant to Dr Edouard Van Ben Bogeart at the Evidences medical practice.

Finally I decided to follow an accredited ICF training of Coach, to allow all these skills and knowledge to be rightly placed at the disposal of the Human and its development. Mine is an approach that respects individuality, where the body and the spirit have the right place and are in balance to allow harmonious growth in unison with itself and the world around it.

I never stop the process of learning and enriching my being. They are in perpetual interior and exterior movement. In fact, after living around the world for several years, I settled in Brussels for a while and before I arrived in Rome, where I currently live with my husband and two children.

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